Are you earning as much as you could be?
Plan 1 is ideal for agents performing less than 6 deals annually.
Plan 2 is ideal for agents performing more than 6 deals annually.
Based on 10 Transactions Annually • 3% Commission • Avg. Transaction: $200k • Current Office Split to Agent: 70% • Current Office Annual Fee: $840
Plan 1: Agents pays $0 per month to Springer Realty Group.  Agents pays $595 per closed residential sale side. Commercial/Rental transactions for this plan are based on a 90/10 split.
Plan 2: Agent pays Springer Realty Group $295 per month (x12mn = $3,540 annually) as an administrative fee. Then you pay $0 per residential sale side. Commercial transactions on this plan are based on a 95/5 split..

How does this compare to an office with a 70% split? Look at the comparison below:

You sell a house for $200,000 with a commission of 3% for a total of $6,000 paid to the Broker. At an office with a 70/30% split, you receive $4,200. At Springer Realty Group, you receive $5,405 (plan 1) or $6,000 (plan 2).

That’s an additional $1,205 in your pocket on (plan 1) or an additional $1,800 (plan 2).

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