Frequently Asked Questions

How do SRG's 100% commission work?

PLAN 1: $0/mnth and $595 per closed residential ‘sales’ transaction. Commercial/Rental transactions are based on a 90/10 split.

PLAN 2: $295/mnth and $0/per closed residential transaction. Commercial transactions on this plan are based on a 95/5 split.

Do you take on new agents?

Absolutely! New agents are required to work with a mentor for their first three transactions. The agent will receive an 80/20% commission split(minimum $595 on the plan 1). After the first 3 transactions are completed, the agent will be paid based on the normal 100% commission plan.

Are there mandatory meetings?

Great News!…We do not require meetings of any kind.

This also applies to holiday gatherings and company sponsored events. SRG is not your traditional real estate company. That’s why we feel good allowing agents to use their time as they see fit.

Can an agent switch between the plans?

Of course, we give agents the choice to switch plans on January 1st and July 1st.

Do agents ever have to come into the office?

Never!. There is shared office space in the Exton, Limerick and Wyomissing offices for anyone that wishes to use it, but an agent can work 100% from their home office if they prefer. There is a wireless network and wireless printer at the offices. Agents would just need to bring their laptop to work at the office. All paperwork will be scanned and uploaded by agents to an online transaction management platform. Agents will be able to access this paperwork 24 hours a day at any computer that has internet access.

What other cost does the office charge the agent?

The only other cost is for Errors and Omission insurance, which costs an agent $275 annually. Half is charged out on January 1st and half on July 1st of each year. The charge will be pro-rated from agents start date.

Is floor time required?

Nope! At Springer Realty Group, we do not require floor time of any kind.

Does the office provide signs, business cards or other marketing materials?

Yes. SRG agents have access to our internal marketing department, which offers custom signage design as well as professional digital/print media solutions.

Can agents have their own website?

Agents get an agent page on the Springer Realty Group website. Agents can have their personal domain forward to the agent page on the office website if they do not have a separate website. Agents may also have their own personal website through the same vendor we use for only $120/year.

Does the office provide support?

Yes. There is one on one training to go over paperwork and the whole sales process. Also, at times, new training materials or marketing ideas will be uploaded to the Springer Realty Group website for agents to access. For new agents, there is a mentor for the first three transactions to walk the agent through the entire process. With Springer Realty Group paying out 100% commission with low monthly office fees and transaction fees, we are also giving the agents the opportunity to spend their money the way that they want to by going to seminars and training programs that are suitable and beneficial to the agent. The broker is always available though for support and any help/questions that arise.

How do teams work?

If the leader of the team comes on to the $0/mnth and $595/transaction plan, there are no additional charges for any team members. If the leader of the team comes on to the $295/mnth and $0/transaction plan, each additional licensed team member would pay $195/mnth.

Do I have to join BRIGHT?

Agents must join/transfer – “BRIGHT” within 72 hours of joining Springer Realty Group.

On transactions, is there a broker fee?

Yes, on each transaction there is a ‘broker’ fee of $195 for buyers and $195 for sellers. This is charged on all sales. If an agent does not want to charge this to the buyers/sellers, that is completely fine, but $195 will be deducted from the agents commission checks.

In cases where agents can not charge on certain transactions such as short sales and VA deals, the broker fee is then lowered to $100 so that SRG can help absorb part of the cost.

How do "Leads" work at SRG?

Agent’s Listing – “Lead” is forwarded directly to the Springer Realty Group listing agent.

Generic & SRG Generated Leads – Distribution is based on location, using a unique algorithm. On (Plan 1) agents are paid based on a 70/30 split. On (Plan 2) agents are paid based on a 75/25 split.

Do agents have to belong to a Local Realtor® Association?

Yes, agents must belong to an association that Springer Realty Group endorses. Currently, SRG is signed up with Suburban West Realtors® Association as the primary association. Suburban West requires an agent to belong to an association or they are charged for being a non-member with Suburban West. The fee for being a non-member is not much less than the fee for being a full member. We also belong to Montgomery County Association of Realtors® and Reading-Berks Association of Realtors® as a secondary member. If an agent feels strongly about staying with their current association, we will consider joining that association as a secondary member.

Personal deals - is there a fee & how much?

Yes, $300 transaction fee on Plan 1, opposed to the normal $595 fee. This is for sales. For personal rentals, no charge. The $195 broker fee does still apply on sales. If an agent does a joint investment, SRG would treat this the same as the 100% personal deal.

Are there private offices for rent?

Absolutely. We offer private offices to agents for rent. SRG offices range from $225-$350 a month depending on size, location and vacancy.

How is SRG able to offer so much?

First, we have very low overhead in the way of small to medium offices. This means we do not have to pass our budget costs on to you.

Next, we have no physical receptionists at our locations. Instead, we implement a 24/7 live answering service that continuously keeps cost down, while ensuring world-class customer service to SRG clients. Another added benefit that allows us to remain competitive is that we are a paperless office…no waste. Our Error & Omission insurance is a blanket policy that helps keep each agents cost down considerably.

Finally, we eliminated redundant fees that most traditional companies continue to charge. Let’s sit down for a brief conversation to see how you can become a Springer Realty Group Agent and start earning more!

We're happy to help!

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions that potential agents have but we are more than happy to answer any other questions you possibly have that might not appear on this page. For more insight into the benefits of becoming part the Springer Realty Group team please send us a message via our contact page or you can email directly at: