Hello and welcome to Springer Realty Group’s new agent ‘set-up’ page. We’ve created this page in order to help agents easily get set-up fast, from start to finish. You will find everything needed to guide you through our paperwork process, marketing options as well as printer drivers/tutorials.

Getting Started!
First, let us start by saying welcome to Springer Realty Group!
We’re excited to have you and want to provide the best experience possible.
You should have received a few emails from us to help get you started.
  1. SRG – Marketing Set-up
  2. SRG – Printer & E-Card Instructions

Below, please ‘download’ documents that need your attention:



Description of forms… 

  • Paperless Pipeline Walkthrough (PDF)
    • Introduces our paperless system
    • Shows where to find our required docs and checklists for listings/sales
  • Form W-9 (PDF) – please fill out and “Upload” this form to your agent-file that has been created in Paperless Pipeline
  • Direct Deposit Form (PDF) – please fill out and “Upload” this form to your agent-file that has been created in Paperless Pipeline
  • New Agent Checklist (PDF) – This document will help guide you on everything needed to simply the moving process
  • Golden Abstract/Supreme Lending Flyer (PDF) – A quick reference form with contact info for affiliates
  • Transaction Coordinator (PDF) – For a small fee, we have an in-house transaction coordinator that can handle paperwork and “contract to close” process, if you wish. See flyer for details.

 You will also be receiving emails regarding access to:

  • Paperless Pipeline (app.paperlesspipeline.com)
  • Zipforms (www.zipformplus.com)
  • SRG Company Website (Only if you sign up for back-end access)
    • Username = email, Password = first (initial) and (last name) lowercase {change for security purposes}
    • Log In to back office site here:  www.springerrealtygroup.com/backend
    • If you are interested in showing up on the homepage as a “Featured Agent”, we will need a headshot to be uploaded.

Note: If you are transferring from another company, don’t forget to contact your Realtor Association to reflect your new move to SRG.

Printer Instructions

NOTE – You will have to be physically present in each office to download, set-up and use printers/drivers.

Follow directions to “Download and Install” printer drivers on your machine

  • To download ‘Print Drivers‘ for each office please go to: joinspringerrealtygroup.com/srgprinters/
  • Select either: Exton/Limerick or Blue Bell/Wyomissing (Note – you must be in office to set-up/use)
  • Your exclusive four digit pin# for printing will be emailed directly to you.
  • Included in that email will be the Springer Realty Group “Quick Reference E-Card“. Please download this directly to your phone or tablet to help with a variety of office, paperwork and marketing solutions.

Hope your transition is going smooth so far. We want to help you get set-up with our current marketing materials so below you will find 2 links, one for ordering our standard signs and the other is for business cards.



For more customized options, we will be happy to assist you with design and marketing strategies going forward. Also included is a link to the SRG Agent “Resource Page” below. In addition to customized marketing materials, here is where you will go to book one of our conference rooms for settlements and to schedule a FREE professional photo shoot for your head shot, if you wish.


Select Preferences

Please complete the following form:

    Backend CRM Access for management of leads that are generated through the site • Drip Campaigns • Groups • Action Plans • Saved Search Alerts · Access to the REW Leads App for speed to lead · Access to an IDX enabled subdomain for website creation and self-managed lead generation · Access to be a part of the Lead Routing Program.
    If yes, your website will be: (F)irst intial (LAST)name & .springerrealtygroup.com(Ex: dspringer.springerrealtygroup.com). NOTE* If you currently have a domain name, through the company that hosts it, please forward that domain name to the new SRG site.
    You can download the REW "Leads" app on your mobile device for a quick way to accept leads. NOTE* When a lead is assigned to you, there will only be 15 minutes to accept the lead(during normal business hours) or the lead will automatically re-assign to the next agent.
E&O Insurance & Association
For E&O Insurance payments
  • If you would like to make payment in ‘Full‘ for the year: $275
  • If you would like to make payment for ‘Half‘ of the year: $137.50
  • If you are being ‘pro-rated‘ please send exact amount due
Please make check or money order out to: Springer Realty Group
Springer Realty Group
740 Springdale Dr.
Suite 100
Exton, PA 19341


All SRG agents are required to belong to one of the following associations below.


Congratulations! You have completed your initial set-up and preferences. From here you should have everything needed to get started but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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