Real Estate Quickie: SRG in 60 Seconds

Real Estate Quickie: SRG in 60 Seconds

It’s not about selling our concept to agents. We present better options and the rest is up to you. Remember, if you catch yourself doing any of the following listed below you’re losing money, period.

  • We do not have “Caps” at Springer Realty Group – 100% actually means 100%.
  • We do not have “Royalty” fees – Agencies think if they say it, you shall pay it!
  • We do not have “Tech” fees – Please explain how the other misc. fees don’t cover this?
  • We do not have “Renewal” fees – So redundant…what’s next, a restroom fee?
  • We do not have mandatory meetingsNo wasted time in the car or on gas.
  • We do not have floor-timeYou have better ways of earning business.
  • We do not rely on our nameThe agents name, reputation and experience count for much more.
  • We do not lock agents into long term contractsContracts are day to day so agents never feel pressure.
  • We do not require, nor expect agents to come into the office – Agents always have the option to work from home or on the go!
  • We do not pressure potential agents – Our transparency speaks for itself (Career Page), not sales pitches, company hype or empty promises.

Go with the plan that works best for you and your family.

Your success is our success!

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